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Why We Operate this Blog

We provide valuable free financial planning information and resources to seniors and retirees and those seriously planning for retirement. Everything on this site is oriented to people age 50+ who pay taxes in the US.  Since so much of retirement planning and investing involves tax structure, specific advice must be for only one country.  For example, IRAs are something that only exist in the US (other countries may have their version of individual retirement arrangements but the rules are very different than the US).

We do not sell anything. We earn money from those who advertise on this site and our blog so the education you get here doe not have a bias other than what we have found to be true.  Most of what you hear from others is often not true as the information provider has a vested interest in their positions (e.g. you financial advisor who wants to sell something, the financial “expert” on CNBC who already owns xyz stock, politicians who want to get re-elected, etc). We just want people to find value here so that advertisers realize it is a good place for visitors to see their ads (so we appreciate if you click the Facebook “like” button” or tweet to your followers that you like this site).

Our Authors

Most of the articles were written by the following authors:

Bob Richards, a retired financial advisor (CPA-inactive).  Bob was a retirement expert and counseled people age 60 plus who were entering retirement or already retired.  Following that successful career, he counseled financial advisors on how to serve retirees.  He wrote the book (under a pen name) “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors” and created the Certified Retirement Financial Advisor training and co-created the “IRA Expert” training for financial professionals who wanted to hone their expertise in financial retirement issues.

Bob believes that most retirees are far under-earning what they should be on their assets due to financial advisors who give poor advice and retirees who make emotionally-based investment decisions. As examples, few financial advisors will recommend individual preferred stocks on which one can safely earn 5% (as of November 2012). Rather, these financial advisors will recommend a mutual fund which pays them a higher commission yet has fewer benefits. Yet other advisors desire to do what is in their clients’ best interest but are often ignorant as there is no training to be a financial advisor.

Retirees will make their own mistakes such as having a preference for short term investments.  Someone age 70 thinking short term is foolish.  We know that their life expectancy is 16 years so to only make investments for the next 12 months is what we call emotionally-based investing that can severely harm the investor’s financial condition.

The other author is a retired PhD in engineering who got interested in retirement financial issues and began researching them for his own interest and then began writing about them.


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